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DBT/Nevada for z/OS

The finest Source Library product available.

  • Maintains up to 32k member versions, accessible by version or generation number, or "as-of date and time"

  • All three interfaces included - ISPF/PDF, native mode TSO, and Batch

  • Provides member level security, member locks, concurrent update protection, and Production status

  • Easy "unload/reload" conversion process gets you under DBT/Nevada's care in short order

  • Powerful variables feature provides source:load module correlation - your auditors will love it!

Your source code is probably your most important asset.  But PDS technology won't do.  Members have no security, they are easily lost, changed or deleted, and there is no source:load correlation.  Sometimes you never really know which version you're running.  Argh!

We have the answer. DBT/Nevada combines the best features of '70s Source Library products with z/390 technology, bringing Source Library Management into the third millenium.  Get the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use product!

Since DBT/Nevada functions just like ISPF/PDF, there is almost no learning curve.  If you currently use ISPF/PDF, DBT/Nevada will be instantly familiar to you.

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