Mainframe Systems and
Programmer Productivity Software

About Us

DBT develops and markets mainframe software products that enhance
systems performance and improve programmer productivity.
Our products hold world records in performance and reliability.

Our customers consistently tell us,
"we wish other software firms would behave like you do".

DBT sets the standard for win-win relationships
between mainframe users and ISV's.

DBT provides solutions for the problems
faced by many of the world's largest companies.
It can be said that the world's business has come to rely on DBT.

We deliver solutions to the z/OS and OS/390 marketplace
in an "easily justifiable cost" manner:
 one non-tiered price per CPU, with capped maintenance costs.

We make our money selling products and technology, not upgrades.

Founded in 1981, DBT is now in its 37th year.

As DBT is privately held, we operate in a very conservative manner:
We do what is in our customer's best interest, which pleases our customers.
Pleasing our customers in turn pleases our investors.

Give us the opportunity to please you, too.

Try The DBT Difference.

As always, it is a pleasure to be of service to you.

The DBT Group is a diversity-oriented employer.
We respect all, we serve all, we treat all equal.
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